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Function and aesthetics are important factors in home design but most important for your wellbeing at home is the energy of your space.


It is important to get the balance of natural elements right throughout your home environment in order to support and nourish your health and wellbeing. Creating a harmonious environment starts with better understanding of how your home reflects the structures of your inner self and how to enhance external influences that directly affect vitality health and happiness. There are numerous complex layers that one needs to address in transforming a home into an oasis of healing and happy energy.

The symbolism of objects in your home as well as good flow of fresh air and enough natural light are some of the basic factors to be considered in order to improve one’s health and vitality. Also incorporating five of the natural elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal) in the right way are of great importance for a healthy home. Plants, in particular air-purifying plants are an excellent remedy that bring many physical, emotional, and mental benefits.

Clutter on the other hand perpetuates old, stagnant, and discordant energy throughout your home and life and exhausts your physical and emotional energy. Getting rid of clutter can be very therapeutic. Ridding yourself of guilt and negativity that’s attached to clutter will definitely help boost vitality and give your home a breath of fresh air.

Space clearing and changing up furniture layouts throughout your home can be mood lifting and purifying. Playing healing music, lighting a candle, or diffusing purifying essential oils can cleanse your home’s energy and bring back peace and harmony.


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Serene Bathroom Oasis

We all need to incorporate a sanctuary in our home, a space to relax, reflect and make sense of recent events in our lives. Water is soothing, healing and can be good for de-stressing and restocking our mental resources and energy levels. Your bathroom can be the perfect place for self-care, cleansing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

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